Internet Statement 2008-19



Hartmut Dicke, the chairman of our group, has died in a hospital at Berlin in the early morning of April 18, 2008, a few weeks ahead of his 61st birthday. The doctors gave a cerebral haemorrhage as the decisive catalyst. Hartmut Dicke was literally torn out of life within a few months time. It will be unrelentingly investigated yet what really led to his death.

For almost forty years, Hartmut Dicke fought courageously, unselfishly and persistently for the emancipation of the international proletariat, for socialist revolution and communism. He was an out-and-out revolutionary. The resistance to threats, damages and attempts of annihilation by the bourgeoisie were part of the struggle as well as to the systematic hushing up or the underground agitation from the part of phoney-leftist forces.
He is the author of Marxist analyses such as “Leninism and Civilization – Introduction into Criticism” (under the pen-name of Klaus Sender) and “Proletarian Revolution and National Question – the Double Situation at the End of the First World War”, which are of invaluable importance for the advance of the revolutionary movement, not only in our country.
Simultaneously, he was at any time active as an organizer and journalist, who wrote hundreds of topical contributions.

Our organization mourns this heavy loss, there can be no substitute for comrade Hartmut Dicke, but at the same time it is determined to further the cause, building on the politics that he decisively developed.

Group New Unity – Gruppe Neue Einheit

April 18, 2008