Internet Statement 2015-36

Who actually caused the current refugee problem


Rather than everything constantly being repeated, matters should finally be cleared up with the perpetrators.


Maria Weiß   07/29/2015         

If you look at the current development, you can not help but ask the question: Who actually caused the current refugee problem? And this question can actually be answered relatively quick, namely by asking: Who caused the recent wars in the Middle East and in North Africa, which have now caused themselves exactly this problem of refugees, together with the devastation of these countries. And even that is not far away to be found: the various imperialist states, especially the US, but also Germany, France, Great Britain, which also bear the responsibility.


What they do not want to bear the responsibility for, are the problems that they themselves have caused. And which consist in the fact, among other things, that masses of people from these countries in the Middle East at present are trying to escape the misery there and elsewhere to achieve a better life, and that by now they are fleeing en masse to Europe, to European countries, and in particular to Germany, which is currently based in Europe, so to speak, economically at the top. The latter , of course, does not mean that roughly the regularity of economic crises of capitalism would not be valid here.


Let us recall the past four years. The Arab Spring, which emerged about the beginning of 2011, presented in some form a kind of awakening in these North African countries and Middle Eastern countries, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, as well as Iraq and Syria especially, which were trying to change their situation. There were mass demonstrations, in some cases even riots, for an awakening, a change in the existing societies, respectively their social system, which, partly, is more than slightly affected by colonialism.


This awakening in various ways represented a challenge, especially in cultural terms, which called on the scene a variety of factors and forces. For example, in Egypt the most diverse social forces took part in the demonstrations and riots in Tahrir Square in Cairo but especially, also in other cities and regions. They were both secular forces, as well as various religious forces, such as Muslim ones, which, partly, tried to bring there own aspirations and ideas to bear, but especially all of them tried to impart their concerns emphasis that their desires and aspirations find a place in the society, just the same as others.


As it is known, this awakening did not take long and its various efforts have not led to a successful end. There was soon a backward step and a kind of counter-revolution against these multiple democratic aspirations which, partly, for a long time dominated again in the region. No uprising of the masses can accomplish everything in one fell swoop so in this region, too. The necessary criticism of idealism of the religion, that can be realized not so simple. And that, above all, not in the test of strength with the imperialist ambitions and regional reactionary forces because they each adapt to the corresponding dominant factors and support them. So even in Egypt where a corresponding setback was carried out and a dictator who was specially brought come from the USA, now again is in the driving seat.


Certainly it can not be said that Islam is just predestined to help social progress break through, let alone could be its representative. Nevertheless, it may happen that at least temporarily such forces pursue for progress, although they do not actually meet the requirements for this, with regard to the the superstructure. This is exactly the case in the Middle East and in Northern Africa. What gaped apart there, so to speak, that was on the one hand the movement of the lower masses, and on the other hand the dominant feature in the superstructure, so to speak. As is known, this has led to a result, which currently returned to dominance for the international forces representing political reaction. The conclusion therefrom may just be that the criticism of the the superstructure must be continued on the one hand. And on the other hand war must be declared to this material dominance of the reaction.


Of course, this is not as easy as it seems because meanwhile the revolutionary forces have fragmented and those who now declare and perform war are followers of most reactionary idealistic notions while other forces, representing the international dominance and political reaction, also affect into the conflict, and a strange war has arisen there between various forces which are actually not necessarily so different according to their origin. What is falling by the wayside is the interest of the broad masses, that is the emancipation of society as a whole and that one sees through the various disguised reactionary forces, and that is an absolutely necessary change in circumstances, but this change is not easy.


What comes to the fore there, is an unfortunate concatenation of most reactionary ideas and objectives and legitimate concerns of the masses. Which must be resolved by on the one hand the fight against reactionary ideas and objectives and in reverse the defence of legitimate interests, what concretely means: Out with the agents of imperialism regardless of origin: US or European or others which origin from the Middle East. The sovereignty of the different states must be restored. The individual governments must be judged by the extent to which they are willing and able to defend the legitimate interests of their own people and enforce them. Are they not able, then they must be deposed and replaced by others. If they do, they can be supported therein. This applies to Syria and Egypt as well as all other states in the region.


Turkey in a sense plays a special role which partly wants to dominate as a would-be regional power and aims at the same time at profiling as a sort of bridgehead or a link between the international imperialists. That the latter has no chance of success in terms of the masses is obvious. For this reason, the current Turkish government under Erdogan has to be confronted with the question of whom they really want to represent.


In some ways, European imperialist countries, in particular Germany, are involved in this showdown, and as they have embarked on a strange contradiction, by supporting on the one hand individual ethnic groups, such as the various Kurdish forces, and provide them with weapons, on the other hand, they are undoubtedly connected with countries such as Turkey, within the imperialist NATO alliance. They have placed themselves in a quandary, in a kind of contradictory position that has emerged in recent times and under certain circumstances may become more aggravating. Supplying the Kurds in Syria and Iraq with weapons or supporting Turkey, with which they are associated in the NATO alliance, which fights against these same Kurds militarily - a truly absurd situation. Not everyone is such slippery as an eel as the new NATO Secretary General, easily to work around the problem by remaining silent. (By the way he was significantly lifted into the saddle by Merkel, who at the same time came forward with the decision to provide the Kurds with weapons). Merkel, however, also is capable to act like that. While the "pragmatic" USA has already loudly announced that both IS and Kurds were indeed terrorist forces that have to be fought, and that NATO partner Turkey completely was right!


What can be recognized thereon is that the forces of international political reaction in the individual national states have engaged in insoluble contradictions and the only forces that can resolve these contradictions in the interests of progress are the masses of the people and their representatives in the various countries themselves. With regard to their organizational expression, thus there are, however, still quite significant deficiencies that need to be eliminated, if one wants to stand up and avoid once again to become a victim of the adventurous pyromania in the sense of international resistance to imperialist war efforts.


Furthermore, it will be therefore very decisive that those, who are willing to confront this threat, meet and come together in a front against this imperialist war mongering that increasingly is looming, even across ideological boundaries and contradictions.


The crisis of the capitalist system which is manifesting itself in individual countries, either in Europe as well as increasingly internationally or on other continents, no one can stop it. And no one who wants progress wants this. But one has to prepare himself for the defense against the reactionary forces of this international system of exploitation, and they are quite active, they get upset everywhere, whether to mention in the US or in China as well as in Japan, not to talk about Russia. In our own country, currently, they are admittedly still relatively weak, but that can and will change. This must also be taken into account. We ourselves need our own program of how to solve all these problems in the interest of the majority in the various countries and societies around the world.


Anyway it will be an important step in this direction to oppose the aspirations of the own capitalist exploiters system to participate in international predatory wars disguised as alleged defense of democracy and other reactionary machinations. It will be therefore be increasingly of importance to confront either national egoistic aspirations of the own country as well as the oppression and pushing down by other selfish national States, thus strengthening the rights and interests of the masses of the people around the world.


So the progressive and revolutionary forces of different countries and States will have to meet a very complex challenge that requires good overview and knowledge, and it has to be solved in an advancing manner. Surely the law is not canceled, that as long as imperialism exists, the global system of exploitation exists, imperialist wars are inevitable. However, one can try to forestall it through appropriate activities and arrangements if possible. And if it cannot be prevented, then at least to reverse the result in our own senses!


The current wave of refugees must also be used in this sense in order to gain possible supporters. One should have no illusions about the strength of the enemy, but also know how to take advantage of his weaknesses.




Keep it in mind: religion is part of the superstructure, but the implementation will normally take place at the basis. What exactly means: I can go to the mosque umpteen times and ask Allah to change my miserable living conditions. He will not do it. I even got to do it myself. Together with the many brothers and sisters who are also of this view.
No drone and certainly no nuclear bomb may stop us. Let's do it!