Internet Statement 2015-51



"Nation Building" in the middle of Europe?


- The second major wave of discard

- Turkey's role

Maria WeiƟ   10/03/2015      

At present, we are witnessing here the second huge wave of discarding [of a part of the population] in our country, carried out by the bourgeoisie. While the own offspring is spoiled and, in the tendency, is further decimated by "gender" theory and drug use, "fresh blood" is allowed to flow in from abroad in order to continue to safeguard the capitalism in their own country, the maximal rate of exploitation.


More than half of the refugees are under 30 years old, eighty percent of them are young men. This means that in our country the whole segment of the population of the newly growing will have a different composition. The next coming generation will quasi be replaced, or a plurality, much much more than has happened already in the 1960s concerning the working class in Germany. The reason is also a similar as it was then, a kind of exchange of revolutionary potential. If this is then combined additionally with religious or ethnic conflicts, then we have exactly what secretly is wanted by some US military strategists, or, as some of their leaders openly express, a sort of "Thirty Years War" in Central Europe, what apparently now was realized by the green Cem Özdemir, but unfortunately he draws the wrong conclusion. Rightfully, other European countries see a real risk in such a potential, and they rejected the quota system for the reception of refugees - mainly demanded by Merkel and certain heads of the EU Commission.


But who, above all, has an interest in such a rejection of the own offspring? And whose political calculation is it, what threatens to be taking place here? Not only is it the own bourgeoisie, which is mainly trying to get rid of social conflicts. There are, especially today, certain international powers, the USA, Russia and even China, the new revisionist great power, which is also to be found in the circle of internationally competing powers, with openly displayed imperialist aspirations.


This raises urgently the question of which strategy can be developed by us, and should be, against these developments, by progressive, revolutionary-minded people.


The above outlined strategy of US imperialism specifically had its beginnings as early as the mid-19th century, and since then it has become clearly visible, sometimes with the collaboration of the UK, at least since the end of the 19th and beginning of the next, the 20th century, mainly benefiting from the fact that the social democracy in Germany had largely sold themselves to the bourgeoisie. (By the way, the social democracy is presently acting the same way again, unless they are themselves long since one of these, followed by revisionists and pseudo Marxists, with not less empathy!)


Back to the above matters. The poorer class in Germany with many children is politically largely powerless towards such a policy, and also is exposed to the danger of coming closer to right-wing forces, because they are politically less engaged , and on the other side they have no representation in the previously established parties and organizations. For quite some time, this situation is being exploited by various right-wing forces and parties, and this is not without its dangers. The so-called intelligentsia, mostly consisting of members of the more conservative middle class, however is showing low birth-rates, if they are not even remaining childless, and therefore they are much less exposed to the social pressure.


One must not underestimate what has happened here. In the current development are hiding considerable risks for society as a whole. There are also political forces within the ruling class, who see this, but they are mostly isolated, either personally or because they are concentrated in only a few federal provinces. On top of that, the criticism often is combined with a provocatively raised, selfish and complacent bourgeois or even rightist position, which is also not capable of winning the majority. This results in a highly explosive situation that can, under certain conditions of further escalation, easily slip away from circumstances which are suiting fine for particularly some international powers.


What is the current constellation in Europe?
The role of Turkey


While in our country especially Viktor Orban of Hungary is criticized because he waved through, unbraked, hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming out of the camps especially in Turkey to Europe, mainly to Germany, so far Turkey and especially the Turkish government largely remain in the background, even though the vast majority of the current wave of refugees for the most part had its origins in the Turkish refugee camps. This circumstance should be subjected to a closer look, because it contains a certain explosiveness.


Turkey is known to be a NATO member. Until recently, President Erdogan, however, has refused to participate in an effective way in the fight against the "IS", as he saw the latter apparently as a useful tool in the fight against the unloved "Assad regime" in Syria, and he used them for his rivalry with this regime what was accepted with relative equanimity on the part of other NATO countries, primarily the United States, over a longer period. The result of this dual Turkish politics occurs now blatantly apparent: As Mr. Erdogan (or Mr. Davutoglu) has opened the floodgates of his refugee camps, so to speak, and hundreds of thousands or even millions of people who had been recieved there, especially from Syria and Iraq, now flow towards Europe, and - thanks to Angela Merkel - they have especially Germany as a goal in mind, the Turkish government itself primarily strives to use the thus created relief for their own political goals, partly also domestically. We know why this is so.


What initially appears contradictory here, certainly makes sense. At the beginning Erdogan used the so-called "IS" and its terror not only in order to increase the pressure on Assad, or at least tolerated it for that purpose, more or less, over a long period, but mainly to reinforce the effect that millions of people were driven out of Syria and Iraq and "magnanimously" found shelter in the Turkish camps, what in turn soothed the West. And now it was easy, at some appropriate time, "to let pass" these masses of people in their millions towards Europe, especially to Germany, where the highest political lace also behaves accordingly, after they had to live for a long time under extremely poor conditions in these camps . And here it comes full circle.


Suddenly, Turkey is no longer under pressure because of their support of the IS, but on the contrary she is admired because of her generosity to have received so many refugees on her territory! And it goes without saying then that these refugees on our part now willingly have to be received, in order to facilitate Turkey from this heavy burden! Well, political stupidity and political calculations are sometimes very close together.


Anyway, for Erdogan this mission has the desired effect, by means of the inflowing crowds to Germany to enshrine Islam in Germany, quite incidentally, starting from the fact that he has already reached a very significant own election potential especially in the Ruhr region, (just imagine: migrants living in Germany with a Turkish background may participate in the elections in Turkey! Erdogan may even perform election rallies with thousands of Turkish migrants in the Ruhr region, Duisburg or Cologne!) So it comes quite handy when this foreign community is strengthened a bit, by further tens of thousands of Islamic Syrians and Iraqis. If it follows the Turkish government's line, that cannot hurt in any event, because the latter is anxious yet even in the own country, continuously to anchor Islam in the state structure, as well as to expand its influence in the entire region of the Middle East, setbacks as with Mursi included! So one thinks that one could at least collect some results, now retrospectively, that hopefully had been expected from the "Arab Spring", albeit in a slightly different manner.


Already at the beginning of the 1970s, the Turkish proletarian revolutionary Ibrahim Kaypakkaya warned of such a policy, by criticizing at that time the millionfold withdrawal of Turkish workers from Turkey to Germany, and he denounced it as a means to combat revolutionary developments in both of the two countries. Kaypakkaya was then murdered by Turkish fascists. But his political foresight has materialized in a tremendously significant way.


What conclusions should we draw?


The United States, as well as Putin in Russia, and perhaps even more major international powers, currently are seeing this development rather with a laughing than with a crying eye, because it comes in handy for them regarding their own intentions in Europe, and appears to be suitable therefor. Hence it is not surprising that at present again a certain convergence of these two Powers, otherwise extremely competing, apparently has taken place, which hardly anyone could conceive only half a year ago here. Whether that will be permanent, however, and whether it ever will produce results, and what kind of results, that remains to be seen.


Left and revolutionary forces in our country, if they are existing at all in any significant number, should beware of a false understanding of internationalism. When the green politician Özdemir calls for a "European Islam", then that is nothing else but legwork for the above mentioned international competitors as well as for the emerging reactionary regional power Turkey. This has absolutely nothing to do with social progress, both in Turkey and in Germany or in any other European country, or even in Arab countries. And in our own country, in Germany, social progress gets stuck in a headlock, quasi from two sides, since a long time. On the one hand by the propaganda of perversion, and secondly by the ongoing Islamisation of society's institutions. These two poles produce a permanent division of society between which those parts of the population, which are prone to anxiety and resistance, are meant to be subject to destruction. This must be tackled resolutely.