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The problem is not only about Merkel ...



Maria Weiss   october 7, 2015     

Looking at the current wave of refugees of millions of people flowing into Germany, one could say: Please, what do you want? Finally you advocate proletarian internationalism. But it is not so simple. Firstly, those persons are not all proletarians, that is to be developed first. But the whole structure of the country is changed here at first. This is a miscalculation of the pseudo leftists, that will not have the desired results, but will have the opposite effect. The most important productive force is the human being, and precisely this is what is removed from the countries of origin. This should certainly not be allowed.


In fact, Merkel governs with the Greens, although they are not elected, nor as a ruling party, as neither as coalition partners, not even. From 2011, in the case of "Fukushima" and its consequences this could be seen in this country, and now it is still the case in the so-called refugee issue. Currently, the Greens are those who applaud Merkel the most, and who are the less skeptical.


What does that mean, the reshuffle of Merkel's Cabinet, at the occassion of the growing criticism of its policy on refugees? This means nothing other than their clientele is welded, and critics are ostracized. As has been said, the accommodation of refugees in the future will be assumed by the Treasury, which is coordinated by Peter Altmaier (very close to Merkel). The Interior Ministry has only less expertise in this area, and what is happening elsewhere it is with the federal government


Well, Merkel’s Democracy is something special. Even in the previous time it was detected in another context, for example in the lonely decision to supply arms to the Kurds, and then she left this decision to be ratified by Parliament.


Many of those who might now wonder what type of "power politics" of Merkel, once they should remember that this is not the first time. It was already so in the decision on nuclear power. It was exactly the same. Merkel decided: nuclear energy will be stopped immediately in this country, each nuclear power plant, one after another, discarded .... the end is open with regard of the remains. Precautionary planning in view of such a dramatic event for the country, it would be too much to expect! After me, the deluge, Fukushima has made possible.


Both of the two decisions are of serious importance. In its full extent, this will only become clear in the future. And you should also take notice of one thing. Both, "Fukushima" and the opening of the door for unlimited refugee invasion, both of these are in the interest of the Green Party. That's basically green policies, made by Merkel. The other forces in this current government, which is actually a coalition with the SPD (not to mention the partner CSU which already has been largely sidelined), they themselves should let this go through their heads. The only reason why the SPD has been taken into the so-called GroKo was because Merkel especially wants to keep the opposition small. Had she made a coalition with the Greens, which would have been "more honest", as it has been seen, then for her it would have been much more difficult to make the above-mentioned decisions. But so everything goes smoothly across the stage, more or less, except for the actual partner CSU, but one has other means to keep the latter from the neck. (Recall the Edathy affair, in which the previous Interior Minister Friedrich had to meet his fate (not necessarily a friend of Islam, by the way), but also partly the not very intelligent action on the part of certain other CSU "grandees"; think of Alexander Dobrindt with his partly not particularly intelligent suggestions.) But Angela Merkel is basically a real green politician, perhaps the most authentic one. That should be an occasion for consideration for many, who have followed this policy with concerns; what kind of democracy is this actually, when a few people are solely making decisions of such importance as in the above-mentioned cases, or indeed only one. Not the appearance should be decisive, but the substance.


Oh, how touching, which concern now about the so-called repatriation. That's touching and oh so caring, and it is in inverse proportion to the perky war participation, as it has become fashionable for some years under the Merkel government. Or take the wave of refugees. "We" do it? Go ahead by example, Mrs Merkel, and offer, for example, the Chancellery as a refugee shelter. This is anyway much too large for the few small minds inhabiting it. And sanitary facilities there are certainly more than enough, of course the finest possible.


Someone had to open the lock, and it was Merkel who just did it. And who ever knows for whom she did that? Maybe, the visit to India, accompanied by several highly doped magnates of capital, is also in this context? Maybe, here the German capitalists were rewarded for something? If Merkel had not made her decision with respect to Hungary, and the lock would thus not be opened, then would not have happened this massive wave of refugees towards Germany, and in general to Europe. Already the other countries on the borders would have known to avoid this, in their own interest. But so the lock has been opened and on top of that came the pretext for the other countries, to channel them all towards Germany. It will be interesting, what price Europe will have to pay.


This act, hard to beat at deviousness, will claim its price. Just like "Fukushima" will do, the liquidation of the development of energy from nuclear power. Through these two acts, Mrs. Merkel will go down in history, but in what sense, that is still to be proven.


Merkel's Politics are standing on mendacious feet.

One feels reminded of the encounter with a young Palestinian girl, whose complaints about her impending deportation drove the Chancellor tears in her eyes, letting her receive a great press coverage. But what worth are these tears, given the fact that Angela Merkel declared as "raison d'etat" in Germany the guarantee of the State of Israel, a state which is an essential pillar for the permanent misery in the Middle East, especially for the Palestinians; and this state permanently, day by day, contributes to the causes of the misery. By that alone it is shown that something is fundamentally not "all right". And that the whole seemingly consistent fuss, like "we can do that", must be provided with just such a question mark. Not long ago, by the way, in press releases, it was said that Germany, last summer, allegedly curtailed its assistance for the refugee camps around Syria by 51 per cent. Really consistent, Mrs Merkel!


One does not need to have seen this TV interview at Anne Will. We know anyway, that it is nothing more than the logic of the German capitalists, the interests of the German and international capital, which were expressed there.


The real disaster in this country, however, is the weakness of the left. That there is no really consistent criticism from most of the organizations that call themselves leftist. A really fundamental criticism is made by very few. Among others by us, a very small group, which, however, for over 40 years in this country endeavors to defend the progressive efforts in society, both in this country and internationally.


The policy of Angela Merkel, however, is hardly in the interest of the country, and certainly not in the interest of Europe. And, as outlined above, it is not even in the interest of those people, who are flowing towards here now, to be rightly trimmed here for the purpose of the German capitalists and for their exploitation hunger. Meanwhile, they are missing in their own country as forces for reconstruction, not to mention the, probably not inconsiderable, share of drug dealers and other riff-raff, criminal intent in mind, likewise concealing themselves in this wave.


Germany itself must pay for its demographic failings, and especially must not drag away people from other countries. How, Mrs. Merkel, you actually want to tackle this: to convince these eighty percent of young men from other parts of the world, who are flowing towards here now, and who want to bring their families here, that these, being so kind, have to treat their wives as equal? But not a single one has managed that so far, in 25 years or more, for example in Berlin or elsewhere, in a district, with a population including a high rate of immigrants. Rather the opposite is the case. What we see there is a multiplication of the number of mosques as well as the number of Islamic preachers. Do you really think that you will be able to change that? Or take the number of Islamic sections at German universities, which are likewise sprung up in recent years like mushrooms, for example, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Do you think , therein equality between women and men is preached or lectured? What is to be tantamount here? Have you really thought about it what, thus, you really "create" here? How are you going to ensure the maintenance of the emancipatory principles of this state, if they still exist, as well as those of the EU and the European countries, against this massive invasion of states and countries where anything of the kind is not anchored, or even not usual? It's quite the opposite, it even is challenged, and constantly the opposite is being practiced, as it is daily experienced on the example of the vast majority of states in the Middle East. The opposite will be the case. Throughout history, there should hardly be an example of such an anti-emancipation wave.


But one thing can definitely be said: the international capital is not interested in the emancipation of the masses in the various countries, not even in Europe. Rather, it seeks to take advantage for themselves of such a backward step which is announced here. Is this what you mean when you say "we" can do?


In Syria and Iraq the bitter war continues, and an there is no end in sight. Turkey engages therein in their interest and tries to to profit from it. Russia also gets involved, along with Iran, NATO gets involved, not to mention, ever, of Saudi Arabia (through the IS). What should actually come out of it, other than an all out war, which will remain difficult to be restricted to this region. How these countries ever could be able to realize their right to own integrity and development under such conditions? If even the best forces are pulled off hither, then what is left there? In this "we can do" has probably Diavolo been involved, in the form of the Fed and the World Bank, among others, and one can only hope that, looking behind this perfect Russian-speaking "Catherine", also the forces in the Middle East will have a burst of lucidity, and of course not only those.


A real development there can only function at all, on the basis of a comprehensive revolutionary transformation of existing power relations. But that is not what you want, Mrs Merkel.


The problem is not about the refugees, it is not only about Merkel or others, the problem is about the so-called "one percent". The difficulties to deal with it , however, are in inverse proportion to this number.


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Was gegenwärtig notwendig ist
(What is needed at present)
Maria Weiss, NEUE EINHEIT Editorial Staff, 11/30 - 12/03/2012


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