Internet Statement 2015-63



No participation in neo-colonial wars under the guise of an alleged fight against terrorism

Away with Merkel before it's too late!



Anyway, you cannot take away from people their religion. And why should one do that? It can be tried to make it superfluous by the social development, but taking away, that's nonsense. People will only forget the artificial flowers, if they are able to pick the real flowers. However, there is no need to tolerate extreme reactionary misanthropic practices, as they are customary for certain sorts of Islamic orientations, and as they are celebrated there. They must be combated, indeed.


Now to Mrs Merkel. Stumble over your own stubbornness like your mentor Helmut Kohl! You are simply no longer reasonable for the country. Your policy of intended completely uncontrolled irruption of hundreds of thousands of people who can not prove their identity or, partly, also did not want to do, that is simply an imposition! That is a threat to the country, which can no longer be tolerated. This is also a threat to the local population, with or without an immigrant background. And the authorities here, how quickly and how carefully they keep pace with the requirements of the control and registration - take only the example of Berlin - what can be seen there. This is actually almost equal to zero. If it is much, then they are dealing with 200 or a few more people per day. Such a policy is simply a public danger. The rest of these people is running around, and who knows what they eat? It's well known, to take only the example of Afghanistan, that there is a flourishing trafficking of narcotics. Do you really not believe, that some of them are even doing the same here. Such naivete would be a public danger.

Such a chaotic process has nothing to do with the ever-mentioned right of asylum, and in which the question arises whether, in this version, it would be possible to anchor this process in the constitution. But apart from that, it is no question about the right of asylum, not even this! This goes in addition! Because it doesn't come to this, not even! And within such a short time this actually cannot be possible at all, with such a mass of people.

What happens in other cases with people who threaten the state? And it begs the question of whether now you are not even one of them. Who uses governmental authorization in such a way as to operate a government-endangering policy - three times one may guess, what's due. This must be stopped on the spot! And boundaries must be made dense, namely so long until all this stream of people will be controlled, which is now in here. Then you will be able to consider further steps. What do you expect? Should we continue here to watch the evolving and impending disaster?

It's quite enough anyway, what you have to present as the balance sheet of your work . Just take the decommissioning of nuclear power in this country. This is also something that will turn out to its full extent only in the future. 

It may be, that so far you have managed to lull petit-bourgeois blockheads. This is not particularly difficult. But reasonable people who are able to count one and one together, they are assessing things differently.

Such a policy is really a public danger. What is needed is an immediate stop to immigration. The boundary must be made tight, and then has to be dealt with all those who already have arrived. That's enough for the next two years, at least.

Of course it is possible here to accommodate a few million people in this country. However, it depends on within which period! What you have probably forgotten in this case! Or there is no calculation? Or is actually this your calculation? Then it would be interesting to know who actually, together with you, hatched out this calculation.

If one looks at what other heads of state are doing in this regard, then this one can only say: the sense of responsibility is really poorly distributed and the least of it is probably remaining in our country. Whom you still want to make a fool, really, with your alleged do-gooder show? Some people in the US certainly are already rubbing their hands in the face of such naivete, and maybe not only there.

Ten years are enough! Resign, Mrs Merkel! And leave the leadership of the country to someone else with a little more sense of responsibility!

What has been practiced here for several months, is basically nothing more than a largely uncontrolled immigration. Name one country in the world where something like that is practiced, too!

Apparently, Mrs. Merkel is unable to cope with her responsibilities, and if it is so then she rather should vacate her place, before the disaster is completed. Is it really asked too much if you expect from leaders of a country, that they think their decisions to the end before they realize them? Or as well, if necessary, just to rectify them?

But Ms Merkel actually is a person endowed with intelligence, therefore you have to wonder what else might stuck behind such an approach. And here we get in mind, that perhaps it will become necessary here, to deploy in a hurry a kind of mercenary troop, in order to participate in the next war. And since this country, due to lack of own offspring, would have certain problems with such a task, might be trying to top it up otherwise.

On the question of immigration and expulsion. All right, everyone who wants can come here, if this one would like to live here. But then he needs to see as well how he will manage to accomplish this, and not go to the state and hold out a begging bowl. That is not really an option.

As for individual terror. It is always kept below the threshold that can be detected. That's part of the strategy.

How dare you in fact, Mrs von der Leyen, to support the former colonial power France in Mali and to squander soldiers of our country there? What is the aim of such a "mission"? Which are the circumstances there on the spot? Since there is ruling a corrupt clique, which hopes to prolong life in this way with your help. Such a thing is not at all worth even a little bit of support. Who ever said that it is needed for the support of France in the fight against so-called "IS", nothing of the sort! That's just ridiculous and a pretext. France should finally pull out its fingers of the former colonies. That's the only thing that is to be demanded, in order to ever enable these countries an own opportunity for development.

Mrs. Merkel now replies: We can do it but we need to make an effort. Effort is good, but in which direction? What effort? You should know that and therefore you must still be able to give an answer to the "how", otherwise you end up slightly like Don Quixote who fought against windmills. He has certainly also made an effort!

It should not be permitted that this woman is ruining Europe!

One can be sure that this stinks into many noses, what is happening currently in this country. That's why one should gradually begin to draw conclusions. The aim here really is not a high jump top grade but to maintain the substance.

There is some evidence that this strategy of Angela Merkel, to lure refugees into the country without restriction, was discussed at the G7 summit last summer with the American president. The question is to what end? It's already clear that the vast majority of these people, flooding into here, will have little chance in the local labor market. So what then? As cannon fodder? As mercenaries for the next war? But such decisions are as well reversible. No sovereign country will ever have to accept something of this kind. And our country has the right to finally claim its full sovereignty, seventy years after the end of fascism and of the war it provoked and its ravages. Nowadays, either US imperialism nor any other imperialist power as a successor of a former victorious power can claim to deny this country this right. Anyway, who should it be? Francois Hollande along with his neo-colonialism? Hardly. David Cameron? Not either. Obama the US president? He has aligned his objectives into very different regions of the world. Mr. Putin? Representing a neo-imperialist power, successor of the former socialist victorious power? Not either. No one today has the right to deny this country to exercise its full sovereignty. And therefor we should perceive this right and say: No! to any participation in the war under the guise of an alleged fight against so-called terrorism, be it in Africa, the Middle East or in Asia. Politicians, no matter from which corner of this state they have come, who want to practice the contrary, must be given a rejection.

What actually will be further expected from this country? Germany has supported and recognized Israel although the injustice against the Palestinian people is obvious. But what shall we even do more to finally be allowed to take advantage of the the right to perception of the own sovereignty?

Germany has subordinated itself at the reunion in the so-called Two-Plus-Four negotiations and accepted the superiority of "European law" whereby of course everyone is aware that we are dealing here not only with European law but it is foremost about US law. What else we will be demanded to bow to, what comes next? The next American war strategy for the Middle East? Or perhaps rather one for Asia? It is quite enough now. And now can no longer be said that the United States today in any way are authorized to demand such a subordination, not even morally.

A European Union that tramples on legitimate national interests of individual Member States is not worth anything. So one cannot approach there. A European Union is only worth anything if it is a union of equal sovereign states but not if it hinders or suppresses the sovereignty of individual states. By the way, not a single larger or smaller country in the world neither China nor India nor Russia would give permission to something like that. So why should European countries do it under the pretext of the connection within a Union? Since already has been postulated democracy among the nations of the world then, if you please, this has to be on an equal footing, if you are so kind. And if the international economic and political system does not allow something like that, then it must really be changed. Advocating democracy in words and in reality practicing the opposite, this is absolutely unacceptable! That means war. And though we do not want: if we will be forced to conduct it then we will do that. When if not now the time has come to say: Let us not be exploited for the next US-War era, or the War era of others - and certainly not for the War era of the own ruling cliques who imagine to get advantages for themselves. Internationally considered, petty-bourgeois interests should not be allowed to play a major role in this context, like that of Francois Hollande and other European or non-European would-be potentates (refer only once the example of the Turkish President Erdogan). The same goes for David Cameron or even an Angela Merkel, in keeping with the principle: For the defeat of the own bourgeoisie in an imperialist war.

The European proletariat has the interest, together with their brothers and sisters around the world, to confront this kind of selfish bourgeois imperialist policies of individual wannabe- (and real) potentates by all means. In other words, to defend the position of "Not in our name!" with implacable energy. Admittedly, it is currently difficult to find support in other continents of the world. Nevertheless, it must be tried, because there is no other option except an emphatic No! considering further imperialist military adventures, and to propagate an equally emphatic Yes! to the defeat of the own bourgeoisie in imperialist war adventures.

In this sense, we call for an association of the nosayers in Europe!

No German troops to Mali or to Syria or Iraq! Not even to Afghanistan or anywhere else. 

The imperialist interests, even of European bourgeoisies must be confronted with a loud resounding call in this respect, with a categorical No !

Away with European governments which are pushing war activities in this respect, because they send the European people to the doom, not only to be their victims but also those of international warmongers and profiteers.

For the defeat of the own government in imperialist wars no matter under what guise!

No support of neocolonial ambitions! No support of Francois Hollande in Mali or elsewhere!

All imperialist troops, get out of Syria. Stop the senseless bombing, which merely destroys the country and which destroys by bombing the own livelihood of the population.

Left parties which tolerate something like that in Parliament, or even advocate it, are repeating the mistakes of the Social Democrats in the past.

No participation in neo-colonial wars under the guise of an alleged fight against terrorism.

It is essential that all people who are somehow feeling connected to the progress of society decidedly confront with the current warmongering of bourgeois representatives!

It is perfectly obvious that all factions of the bourgeoisie, both in Europe and in the Middle East or elsewhere are making use of the so-called Islamic State in order to provide their own neo-colonial interests with a pretext!

Group Neue Einheit
Maria Weiß, 11/27/2015

[Translation of the German original text]