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Combating IS? They hit the bag and mean the donkey! *



Maria Weiss    december 11, 2015      

The so-called Islamic State accumulates the whole of the lousy results which have been caused by the various wars about Iraq and Libya in order to utilize them for its purpose and to establish a totally idealistic, reactionary cause without any historical prospect of success, quite similar to the example of the Nazis.
As in the case of the Nazi fascism: the United States on the one hand are promoting the so-called IS, on the other hand are aspiring to their destruction, in order to derive profit for themselves.

What is actually present in the Middle East? What you see is a lot of activity of various rival powers and factions. In each case, the popular masses are those who are the victims here.

When you hear for example: Tehran, the Shiites, is active in Iraq against the Sunnis there. Then interferes additionally there yet Erdogan, being himself a Sunni, the Russians are navigating in the Black Sea, and so on and so forth. What is at stake really there? It's about the respective narrow-minded interests of regional powers, at least on the foreground, about the various branches of Islam, on the one hand represented by Tehran (Shiites) and on the other hand represented especially by Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni or better Wahabi, the latter again representing a special faction within the whole. And what is at stake there? The point is that each one of these different groups seeks to implement and assert the own claims to power there. And why is that? Because they are all driven by the domestic contradictions. One can not believe that this is forever in Iran, this Mullah regime . That's nonsense, to accept something like this. And in Saudi Arabia, there it is equally. That's also not to last for ever, this arch-reactionary Prince regime. Already long, the mass has revolted against the conditions there, especially the women, first and foremost they have to be mentioned. That is what really pushes and what drives the rulers to this devastating, destructive war, in which, ultimately, it cannot come out otherwise, than that the international great powers still there gain advantages, and try each one to stake out their spheres of influence against each other or yet, if possible, to expand it. This is what is already looming.

What gets shortchanged here is the enlightenment, not enlightenment of Islam - if that's at all possible, this is a very questionable thing - but the enlighenment of the masses of people, enforcing democracy and progress in all of these countries in the Middle East, to continue it and to bring it to an end, what has started with the Arab Spring. And what will come out of it, that will be certainly not necessarily an enlightened Islam, but that will be an enlightened mass, trying to perceive their own interest. Which role will be played by the respective religions or by the respective religious orientations, this be once undecided. Surely it will be no longer the deciding factor. And that's something that does not fit for the different powers which have made their presence felt for decades and centuries there, and which have been sitting on their sinecures there, the oil and other resources, this is absolutely unbearable for them.

And even less it fits into the concept for the international exploiter’s cliques. This whole wave of democracy, of enlightenment and emancipation, it has now taken possession of the whole of Africa, to the last corner, so that there is already some talk about it, that emancipation must finally be achieved there, and one has to get away from the subservience that has lasted for centuries, for historical reasons. Therefore, the next clique in the US also lurks forward to its opportunity there, "to maintain order" in their sense, so to speak. Whether that will work at all, this is written on another page of history, and this entirely different page of history has long before been turned.

That is why it is absolutely right and very appropriate, if in Europe we are going against such wars, and as much as possible take the field at home against these warlike intentions of the own reactionary cliques, who each are hoping to gain their own advantages, no matter where it is, whether in Germany, in the UK, in France or elsewhere.

But the Arab Spring of 2011 has set a kind of signal that is not so easy to get rid of or to be killed off again. This is reflected in the activities and in the resistance in all these countries. And that should by all means be supported by European democratically-minded people, but the warmongering activities of the imperialist parasitic exploiter cliques should be countered in resolute manner. In this sense, you only can advocate: Stop the War Coalition! Away with the War Coalition!

In African countries, among African intellectuals, a lot is going on there. They are beginning to pick up which is the cause of their centuries long lasting oppression and exploitation, that it is the international exploiter's regime that has denied them emancipation, and which preserves racism.

The African continent has taken a longer time than other continents, to wake up and defend its rights. But this movement has arisen and it is beyond being made undone. If African scientists, scientifically working people, recognize that imperialism, the international system of exploitation, is causally linked to racism and connected to it, then that means a lot. Then that means the knowledge of the essence of the thing, and it also shows that the resistance movement promises to go into the right direction. Surely it will not be an easy road. It will also not go on in a rectilinear manner. But one must realize that it is worth to go this way and that we must not be intimidated by the various threats of war that are now ascended massively again by just these reactionary forces, which we must oppose. What once was achieved by Martin Luther King and his million-fold movement in the United States, it must now be achieved for the whole of the world through the African continent!

What is true for some physical and mental work, is the rule that above all we must tackle the issue where the greatest resistance has to be overcome, which is true for the political work or, in other words, even more for the class struggle. Without proper consideration of these contradictions and circumstances, a so-called peace policy, whatsoever, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

What has been shown in recent years and decades, is the awakening of the African continent. This is irreversible. What kind of social concept represents the so-called National Front in France, for example, in relation to Mr Hollande's concept from before yesteryear? Do you mean to present a concept that is even more antiquated than a concept from before yesteryear?

What has meant the Russian revolution and in the result especially the Chinese revolution in the last century for the Asian continent, this can be seen in the rapid economic and social development in a variety of states, sometimes causing the imperialists and their scribblers to invent the most absurd lies. Recently it was said again, that Mao Zedong had allegedly ruined the Chinese people, and the basis for today's rapid growth of China was created supposedly only by Deng Xiaoping. Thus facts are presented upside down, because without the Chinese revolution and liberation, headed and brought to victory by Mao and others, there had not taken place the upturn in China in recent decades. Without a revolutionary liberation of the productive capacities of the masses there's also no deployment and further development thereof. A re-introduced system of capitalist exploitation can not change the fact. And sooner or perhaps a bit later even there the social conflict will break out again and there will be enforced a new liberation, then this time a liberation from the new exploiters. This kind of historical dialectic can not be erased, not even by means of a yet so considerable media clamor by worshipers of capitalist exploitation.

[Translation of the German original]


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