Internet Statement 2016-11


Angela Merkel is not at all "without alternative"



Merkel’s de facto dictatorship is reflected by her term "without alternative".
But there has always been an alternative. Another matter is one's stance towards it. But this is a characteristic feature of all dictators not to admit an alternative. A good example is Mrs. Merkel herself. But Mrs. Merkel is not at all "without alternative".

This was truly a great achievement, Mr. Kohl! Angela Merkel - what is that? In 1986/87 in the election campaign in the former West Germany you have presented yourself as an anti-communist. "Red card to the left" - this was one of the central slogans then. Several years later, you installed a person who was socialized in the GDR and had been installed with the participation of the security services, and thus you laid the foundation for her career. What has become of it today, each one should even make his own judgment. As well as about who is drawing benefits from it. Is this what you intended, Mr. Kohl? But that's what happens sometimes: you do something and the opposite comes out. Interesting in this context is, however, that Schröder (also former Chancellor), actually your counterparty, is backing Merkel’s policy today. How does that happen? Oh, Schröder is, inter alia, also the intimate friend of Mr Putin, in his capacity as the Russian President. How does this fit together?

The German bourgeoisie, the German ruling class is incapable of learning anything from history. This was evident recently once again at to the so-called Munich Security Conference. If you listen to Mr. Ischinger, then you know what the hour has struck. It was said there, for example: "The expectation of the partners is that we do not make ourselves lesser than Denmark. It would have been desirable if there had come a little more. If the Danes and the British and French can, so can we.“ It's about the military intervention in Syria.
One could think to go back to the period just before the First World War. You wonder whether this man still has all his marbles or whether he simply can not think historically. This one wonders anyway at present. But this is true not only for the German bourgeoisie, but this is true for almost all other Western European bourgeoisies, which cannot keep their fingers away from the Middle East and just cannot, finally, throw their colonial history into the dustbin.

What Angela Merkel is aiming at, when she encourages Turkey to take action against the Kurds in Syria? Whose logic lies behind this, in fact, patently nonsensical approach?
Merkel is sticking to the "coalition of the willing", it reads in newspaper reports. "Willing" to what? To the blackmail of Mr Erdogan (including terrorist attacks)?

By the way, if the UK should leave the EU then I see it, to say it frankly, with a laughing and a crying eye. But that here now a wedge threatens to be pushed between France and Germany by the policies of Angela Merkel, this I find truly remarkable, and not only that, it is an occasion for serious concern. The good relationship between France and Germany, the reconciliation after the Second World War and also the idea of ​​united Europe, an alliance of European countries, this originally stems from this reconciliation, this new relation between France and Germany. Britain has actually nothing to do with it.

If now Merkel’s refugee policy bears renewed divisions between France and Germany, that is something bad. And it already does. And this must be stopped.

Someone recently recommended Mrs Merkel, to provide a confidence vote. This is not enough. There must be a vote of no confidence, in order to depose this woman, namely as soon as possible. She will ruin the whole of Europe with her policy. Should we wait until again right nationalists and worse gain a foothold? And not only just here. They are already preparing for it, although initially still partially under a seemingly stuffy, petty-bourgeois guise (AFD). No, we may not wait so long ! Merkel has to go, and she must go as soon as possible. You can not let this woman continue to operate. She will destroy the whole of Europe with her more than inappropriate Turkey Connection. Behind this is the US imperialism, maybe not only this one


A major weakness of the Syrian revolutionary attempt, above all, was the following: Firstly, the opposition is mainly coming from the administrative apparatus itself, and secondly, this opposition has sold itself too quickly to international interested parties

While much of the Syrian people themselves, who might actually be sick of this conventional power structure, even have not come into play.


Equal pay for equal work for everybody - what else?

Social democracy with its eternal notoriously divisive behaviour, always being attracted by the big capitalists: Of course, to the long-term unemployed must be given the so-called minimum wage, what else? Mrs Barley, the new Secretary General of the SPD has rejected that the refugees should be deprived of the so-called minimum wage. Correct! But the long-term unemployed must get it, too. And yet, why not? Why has it not been done long since? Why these people are to be blamed for the fact that the capitalists don’t need them and therefore they are so-called long-term unemployed people? Always this notoriously fragmenting behaviour: subservience towards the great capitalists, and fragmenting the working class - this is the age-old handicraft of social democracy in Germany.

What is it actually good for, the beautiful slogan: "Equal pay for equal work", if it is not applicated at all in certain sections?

Already the role of the SPD in the Weimar Republic was not a glorious chapter. But also not the role of the KPD, which has also made mistakes and thus objectively fostered the right. What prevents us actually to learn finally from those mistakes? Must everything always be repeated, and must the reaction benefit thereof?

Equal pay for equal work, no matter if for long-term unemployed, refugees or apprentices and trainees! That must be the demand. Everything else is divisive and useful for reaction. Let's see whether the refugee masses of Mrs Merkel really want to be used as wage squeezers here. We should avoid this, so that the effects of the whole refugee invasion might blow up in her face! This is certainly easier said than done, but if all those who are affected by it, in the areas where most refugees are working, deal with it and also fight for paiment of corresponding wages, then it ought to be "makeable" to prevent such a split. The long-term unemployed should fight for it. Such a split has been tolerated for too long. Let's see where then Mrs Nahles remains, with their "Pippi Longstocking"-idealism. "Equal pay for all" quite well can be sung to her melody! Even long-term unemployed and refugees have children. They could also whistle such a song without having to go hungry in the meantime.

This leads to another question: What about the finances, Mr Schäuble? And another chapter of bankruptcy in that State is opened.

It is really surprising that there is no outcry here, since long, by the entire Left, in view of such circumstances! Or is there no real left remaining in this Country, but only social traitors. Are the lower wage groups, again, pushed into the arms of the right?

A few days ago it was said in RBB (Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting): "Raid Saleh (leader of the SPD parliamentary group in the Berlin Chamber of Deputies) now demands for a "German Plan for Integration" and would like to start a Commission for this purpose, and with whom? With "Gerhard Schröder and Rita Süssmuth"! So we know from which corner the wind blows. I would like to know how this is supposed to look like. Perhaps as in Wedding and Neukoelln?

Even if one follows their strange logic: The good into the pot, the bad into the crop - which perspective has a large proportion of refugees who are "allowed" to stay here, in economic terms, if now already is said that the minimum wage initially should not be valid for refugees, and it is itself below the poverty line (still). And that now, at a time when the various crisis-advancing moments have already piled and they are already coming into effect? Is it really worth risking the cohesion of Europe for such fraud ? I do not think so. Let alone to exchange it for a "Turkish-European embossed Europe“, as it is now called by Mrs Merkel.

The latest message is that Schäuble insists on prudent financial policy. That's all well and good, Mr Schäuble, but have you agreed with Mrs Merkel and her frank refugee policy? Who is supposed to pay for all of that if you also don’t? One wonders whether in this government the one hand yet knows at all what the other one is doing. Or, perhaps, she might feel so safe in the saddle that she thinks she can muck the population completely.

Ok, then just threatens bankruptcy. Then we will just tackle it as already indicated. And then let's see where you remain.

Such an attempt to take the piss out of the entire population does not happen every day. But in this country apparently nothing is impossible. Maybe we will get again a kind of a Thirty Years' War (when it ever can last so long) as certain US strategists imagine on the question of whether Islam now also belongs to Germany and to Europe or not. (Whether that can really endure so long with modern weapon systems, that remains to be seen. Perhaps one would indeed prefer to provoke a nuclear contamination, with weapons, of course, or perhaps by means of attacks on civilian facilities. Then that all will go a little faster.)

Where shall all the apartments come from, in the next few years, when already now, even without the masses of refugees, affordable housing is missing, and has been missing for years? Should the refugees live in barracks for years? Do you really believe, Mrs Merkel, that this will not lead to things which you do not want, and rightly they will lead to that. Such a short-sighted policy - to say the very least - has rarely been seen! Unless there 's a calculation in the background. And we really would like to know, who has calculated here, and what!

Shall we install ghettos here? Under miserable conditions as in the French and Belgian suburbs, with Islamic influenced impoverished and unpromising young men who not even are allowed to let their families join them? One can imagine to what this can lead! The Thirty Years' War would probably be merely a pale reflection of what threatens to be on the way here.

If one wants Europe and the own country to be protected from such hardships, then Mrs Merkel should be induced to resign!

The catch here is simply that the opposition against this policy in this country is just not potent. The one from the own ranks is without a concept and among the others there is one which also does not work, looking backwards and moreover charged with rightist, racist ideas. What to do? The so-called Left, better called revisionist Left, so far does not seem to be worrying so much about this development. Except for a few trite reviews, like that Turkey would indeed bomb the Kurds, which is only one of the points and not the whole thing, and that is far more serious, Mrs Wagenknecht! But that will not be affected in this Bundestag, in this bunch of chatterboxes.

The fact is not surprising that the Brussels bureaucracy, led by Jean-Claude Juncker, pays applause to this policy of Angela Merkel. This is itself an aloof Club, avoiding most of the real problems in the European countries, but maintaining close relations with the international financial capital.

The discussion among broad sections of the population must increase. It must be given thought about how one can anyhow oppose this policy, without being drawn into a right fairway.

Thank you by the way, Mr Schäuble, that you have brought the debate back on a materialistic track with your recent statements concerning the state budget.

In the Middle East, however, no peace is emerging at all. Just on the contrary. There the reactionaries are raging again with bombings throughout the country, affecting large parts of the population. The opposition that exists there, as far as one can ever take them seriously, has no concept for the development of the country. You do not even know what they really want to do otherwise, differently as the current government. They are fragmented among themselves and only simply are making opposition. But that is not enough if you want to achieve something constructive. In addition, of course, is the question of what they ever wanted to cause. The so-called Free Syrian Army is basically nothing more than a spin-off, stemming especially from the military of the ruling class there. Then there are different groups of Kurds, fragmented among themselves, who want their own state, also the so-called Islamic State, which again has completely different origins, the Al Nusra, which goes back to Al Qaeda groups and so on, and so forth. How can ever be achieved, by such sort of opposition, a constructive approach for a country such as Syria? They should tell us once. And the whole imperialist Mafia is drawing their profits from this weakness, or at least tries to do that.

Well, I admit that it is not easy, to develop a civil approach to state-building in such a countries such as Syria and Iraq and all these other countries there. This is incredibly difficult, simply because of all the history and due to the immense influence of religious forces. But one must nevertheless consider all this if developing an opposition there. You may not just act without consideration for years, and at the same time, on top of that, fling your arms around the neck of the imperialists. What comes out, this can be seen.


Perhaps we should try to set up something like an international advisory group of progressive, revolutionary forces. Also in the UK there is a substantial opposition to this slaughter in the Middle East. And in other countries there are certainly also such forces. There are forces here, in France there are such and who knows where else. We should try to come together and engage in a debate and an exchange of views on what we can bring out for social progress and revolutionizing, in the face of this intricate and unspeakably muddled situation in these countries. If we let the imperialists continue to play with fire, then a corresponding result of destruction it will be put before our noses, and perhaps worse.

You can see it in Turkey: Barely Erdogan is seeing himself under pressure, forthwith an attack is instigated again - by whomever. They probably will again try to pin the blame on the Kurdish opposition, which is supported on the other side not only by our country. Contradiction? Who cares for that? It does not matter. They are already run-down to such an extent that this obviously does not matter for them at all.

Mrs Merkel does not represent the interests of Germany, of the majority of the German population(with and without an immigrant background, this one has to add now), but the interests of hegemonism. Consequences must result from this. Merkel currently does not only be not good for the country but also not for the whole of Europe. But the alternative is certainly not the backwards looking AfD, incriminated by dubious connections. Their flirtation with the rightist dregs speaks volumes, even though they sometimes hide it due to tactical reasons.

The only alternative is a societal debate, involving all of the progressive forces, on the perspectives and the way that both, the country and Europe, strive to go amidst this incipient chaos, respectively what is progress and what is reaction in this respect, and it is clear that in all of the European countries revolutionary upheavals are more or less on the agenda; that is the only thing that can be put on the agenda today, related to rhyme or reason, and will be put on it. Of course, this perspective will include not only Europe, European countries, but also Russia, Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries as well as Turkey and the Middle East states up to very far into Africa will be included. In my opinion, this is the direction that work should take in the future. And the best of all will be to start immediately.

Now it is 8 ears since we have published the writing "Proletarian Revolution and National Question -- The Double Situation at the end of the First World War", written by Hartmut Dicke. This publication describes: when the KPD would have pursued a policy in the 1920s, which had taken into account the various contradictions in a significantly more appropriate manner, then perhaps under certain circumstances the rise of fascism had even been prevented, which nevertheless had massive international support, at any rate one would have been able to put them far more obstacles in the way, as regards to their demagoguery, than it had been achieved. Hartmut Dicke has survived the publication of his book just a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the situation has further deteriorated significantly, not only in this country but also internationally. Today, we are facing a very similar situation. We also need to think about it how we can prevent another rise and eventual victory of fascism in Europe, as well as at the same time how to counteract a further military dispute of international forces of hegemonism, which threatens to be carried out in Europe.

In this sense, we want to suggest a conference of progressive forces in the various European countries and the Middle East as well as Russia and Turkey, to discuss the problems and draw the resultant necessary consequences. Although we ourselves are only a small group, we want to contribute, bring in our experiences, in order to negotiate the problems and draw the resulting necessary conclusions. Perhaps our proposal will make some people wonder, but one can really only say: better too early than too late. And to bring about an international consulting can actually never be too early. Let us this time forestall the fascist plans of the international bourgeoisie and their agents!

Sometimes you get to the point when action is necessary, and such a situation seems to be now. On s`engage et on voit. We are ready to enter into a dialogue with all the people which are not willing to accept what is currently going on here on the part of the bourgeoisie and its state, fascistes exclus!

Maria Weiß   02/19/2016  
Group Neue Einheit


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