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And again a turn à la Merkel is knocking at the door  (the third or fourth?) 
- The punishment at the ballot box in the state elections: Cum grano salis



Maria Weiß 14/03/2016

More and more people in this country are seeing, with growing unease, what kind of policy Merkel is making, there are included representatives of the established parties, but also newly added forces as well as bourgeois circles, and they see it increasingly more critical. Among others is included the deal, Merkel hasmade with Turkey, for what they actually did not have legitimacy, since neither the own people nor any State of the EU Alliance has been interviewed or consulted beforehand, at least nothing is known about the latter. It is striking in this connection that the far majority of current refugee flows from Turkey comes from Turkish refugee camps, namely the those going exclusively via Greece. The main chain link for this is Merkel’s policy. It is also not surprising that resistance evolved first in Hungary and then in Austria, not to mention countries such as Poland and the Baltic States altogether. This is not the first time in history that such resistance against Muslim immigration flows have been mainly manifested in these countries. Merkel’s current policy is neither good for Europe nor good for her own country.

One can not readily compare this movement of flight - as it has sometimes been tried - to the movement of refugees after the Second World War, from the states of the so-called Eastern bloc, especially Poland, the Baltic States and the Soviet Union, or even equate it, as it happens today. Those were mostly Germans, who fled from the former eastern territories, then occupied due to the new borders of the Soviet Union or Poland, and these refugees were in a sense part of the own German population, of the own culture, although this culture had to be subject to criticism with every reason. But it's still a not insignificant difference from what is currently happening.

Next one must also ask this: Whom you are actually boosting, when everyone who raises a concern in this regard,is stamped immediately as an alleged racists? I think that thus the political rights and actual racists themselves are boosted, and people who do not want to see, by this are driven into their arms. And precisely people with such concerns that many people in this country have rightly at present against Merkel's policies, a good number of them has now voted for the right-wing AfD because the latter grasps such issues in a not un-hazardous manner and, to say it with caution, does not sepatate itself sufficiently from the rightists.

What's going on here at present, is a very considerable extortion. If a well-known presenter in TV only is introducing in a talk show the somewhat provocative question, how it is supposed to look here in the future when the whole of the refugees with their offspring all will be here then, whether then they all will be Germans who just simply are named Mohammed, and then the she faces a rebuke, and is asked that she had to refrain, kindly, from such (allegedly) racist remarks. One cannot play more into the hands of the rights. This is by no means out of the world to face such questions, in view of the demographic trends in this country. If you go on the road in certain German cities, then you know exactly what is meant. That's already the case here. Add to this that not a few of them, on top of everything, have a dual citizenship and Mr Erdogan believes to be able to intervene here by mobilizing them even for his own election campaign. What extent of Turkish intervention one has to endure here, anyway? The question that arises here is: who benefits from such a policy? And there is more than one candidate, who is eligible here, also internationally.

But here, downright, the big stick of unjustified defamation of being racist gets waved, in this way just playing into the hands of them. That is what is achieved with such a thing, not the opposite, because such a criticism as mentioned above certainly has its place. It has nothing to do with racism. But this is of course not fitting into pseudo-left and green heads, and not only in this respect the election results in Baden-Württemberg could be understand rather as a disaster than as progress.

State election results in three states: Cum grano salis

These three election results in three states, including a weighty one, in Baden-Württemberg, are seen, not without reason as an incision, especially when you look at the results of the AFD. That such more or less openly right-wing party immediately reached 15 percent of the vote in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, in Saxony-Anhalt even reached almost 25 percent of the vote, should make us think. This fact is especially not a vote of confidence in the current government. On the contrary, it is a clear indication that a considerable part of the population of this country rejects the current policy of the Federal Government, especially rejects A. Merkel’s policy in the refugee issue. Her policy, here to appear, on the one hand, as the do-gooder and to override all others, but at the same time, in the background, to fiddle with the Turkish Prime Minister and President, without legitimacy - this policy mainly was punished in the elections, and that is perfectly legitimate. More than that, this is actually very pleasing, although initially it only is about three state elections, although the "granum salis", the success of AfD, for lack of real alternative regrettably could not be avoided. Perhaps we should at times reflect, how this could go different in the future.

But Mrs Merkel may also consider how her next u-turn could look, already the third, without too much embarrassing herself, but this should be difficult now. And if the planned deal with Turkey ist added, provided they can get away with it, it's already the fourth. Really embarrassing. But better than a social catastrophe.

The next economic crisis will surely come, and adequate housing at affordable prices is neither available in Berlin nor in other major cities of the country, the exact opposite is the case and the speculation in land and property flourishes everywhere. How under these conditions a decent accommodation for many people from elsewhere to be managed, how „we make it“, that's a fairy tale, Mrs Merkel! This is absolutely not conducive for the integration, quite the opposite. Ghettos like at the Tempelhof airport, where it has already come to dispute between members of different religions and ethnic groups, due to the appalling conditions there, which is not surprising when you lock up some 1,000 people together in a former airport, with security guard at the door and in the halls. Berlin gets not even finished a new airport! Have you ever noticed, Mrs. Merkel? Berlin will not make it, not in decades. How is there to assume that they "will make it", in the case of other things.Such naivety borders almost to the criminal, at least if you imagine the consequences.

It is striking that almost all other countries in the EU are well aware of the problems for their countries, caused by such an onrush of refugees, and they draw the consequences for themdelvesf: not this way! In Germany, however, this does not work, strangely enough. Why? It should be interesting, to answer this question.

Greece in a sense is an exception, because the local government, under the guise of the refugee crisis, operates for postponing their bankruptcy. The same also applies to Turkey. Merkel, however, threatens to destroy, by means of her policy, not only her own country, but the the whole of Europe. And who will get on the gravy train? Also there are already candidates, for example Mr Putin. His land is in fact also going to break, in economic terms anyway, and he is imagining already, how he then will be using Europe to get the renovation, in his way. Which brings us to the Katharina theme. However, the question is whether they get that equation right. Luckily enough, there is still a lot of resistance.

Addendum to the state elections

The infiltration of Islam in Europe goes to the account of Angela Merkel, too. And also this meets resistance, and that is a good thing. So far, the current election results (the state elections) are not to be regretted, although it is a shame for the progressive forces that they have not contributed, at least not in terms of elections. The vote of all three state elections must therefore be respected and the right conclusions must be drawn.

Likewise can be assessed as very positive that the perversion is rejected by a significant percentage of the population. Also a Mr. Kretschmann, as the green "father of his country", cannot hide this fact with his current earning. When it comes to these themes he rather keeps quite reserved. One should consider, however, if one thinks now to form a coalition with this gentleman, that one although perhaps will not have to accept these things but, more or less, nevertheless will have to tolerate them at least. Especially the CDU should have to think about it, which has, up to now, not yet taken such an extreme position on these issues, as the Greens do iOne thing is required to be supplemented: Economically this AfD has no concept. For the most advanced productive forces they do not really strive for, and otherwise it is not much to see of it, how it intends to resolve the economic problems, the contradictions. One cannot expect much more than what the conservative bourgeois parties are also pushing forward partly. They do not address the social contradictions, they do not address the exploitation, they do not address the supremacy of the (financial) capitalists. All this is left out. Accordingly, their operating radius in socio-economic terms is extremely limited.

The socio-economic contradictions, however, will worsen. And then one will see what kind of forces these people will be able to fall back on. The statement of Frauke Petry shortly after the election speaks plaintext in this regard: The AFD claims to be a party of social peace, she proclaimed. One may rightly assume that the rights almost certainly will then be those who are to enforce this "social peace" for the bourgeoisie. From the economic crisis of 2008 one has still extricated. But the next one comes along with certainty, and this one in all likelihood will be much broader and larger than the last. Thus, one should not underestimate, nor overestimate, the recent so-called success of AfD, one should take it under the microscope, especially in this latter respect.

Capital is more far-sighted than the revisionists. That has to be borne in any case as a lesson from history. And insofar as the election results of these three state elections should rather give cause for concern, and to think about how to draw the right practical consequences from it.

[Translation of the German text.]